Who is your favourite English football mascot?

Football mascots have been involved in the English games for a number of years – mostly for two reasons. One they give the club some identity and two to entertain the young fans.

Most club mascots date back to the history of the club. For example, Leicester City are known as the Foxes because Leicestershire is famous for its fox hunting. So Leicester City FC’s mascot is Filbert Fox – a fox. Filbert named after their former stadium, Filbert Street.

Likewise, Derby County have been known as ‘The Rams’ pretty much since their set up in 1884. This was due to the historical link between Derbyshire and the woollen industry. And there mascot is named Rammie, and as you may have guessed, it’s a ram.

However, some clubs’ mascots, like their nicknames, have little meaning. Queens Park Rangers’ mascot debuted in 1999 – Jude the Cat. We’re still unsure what links a cat named Jude to the West London football club though.

The same can be said of Portsmouth who have a frog as their mascot – Frogmore. Debuting in 2002, we’ve gone more than 15 years and still haven’t worked out why this was chosen.

Manchester United became known as the ‘Red Devils’ shortly after the 1958 Munich Air Disaster. They had been known as the ‘Busby Babes’ prior to the loss of several first team players in the tragedy. Sir Matt Busby simply liked the name ‘Red Devils’, thinking it was more intimidating to the opposition, and thus declared the club should be known as this. In 1970, the club’s crest was redesigned to incorporate a devil which has remained there ever since.

The nickname of many clubs is associated with football fans. Arsenal fans are known as ‘Gooners’, Manchester City the ‘Citizens’ and Chelsea simply known as the ‘Blues’.

The below images, produced by Betfair, who produce odds for fans to bet on the football, encapsulate theoretical fighting between clubs’ mascots and/or crests with their rivals.

So there is Fred the Red of Manchester United sticking his Devil’s fork into Liverpool’s Liver Bird.

Some cracking artwork if we must say ourselves, and that’s coming from a neutral fan’s perspective.

The next one is for Arsenal fans to enjoy – the cannon from their crest shooting rivals Tottenham’s cockerel.

Perhaps the image was drawn the exact second the cannonball hit Tottenham’s mascot as otherwise, it doesn’t appear to have phased the cockerl…

An interesting one also produced by Betfair is Derby County’s Ram using Nottingham Forest’s tree as a toilet. I say tree, because Nottingham represent their ‘forest’ with just a single tree in their crest, but oh well.

Derby County have had the better of rivals Nottingham Forest for the best part of this millennium, though neither will be playing Premier League football in 2018-19.

It’s all in good humour I am sure. We here at EPL Matters certainly enjoyed coming across these images. Any mascot fights you would like to see produced? Comment below for what you think we make a great graphic!